Breakfast of Champions 10 ways to be productive

Making my family a big summer vacation breakfast I realized that cooking is the exception to my No multitasking rule.
I used to brag at my ability to have several things going at once. When errors began to appear I recognized I was also robbing myself of the satisfaction of fully completing a project.
Last week a Growing Together educator approached me with the question “how are you so productive?” I took joy in the project & the following was my response to her.

1.       Turning a single task into a multi-use purposeful activity.  

2.       Tied to # 1 is making meaningful connections not just with data, information, but with people who care, share expertise & information to help each other. 

3.       Setting goals – small & large and checking them off (physically on lists during the day) as I achieve them.

4.       Setting out public affirmations (on social media) which are personal for me & keep me accountable.

5.       Running a positive mental track (like the old cassette tapes) in my head.  When I feel self-doubt, self-negative talk I call it out on myself and give myself a pep talk.

6.       I ensure I have the necessary tools (quite literally like enough light, a good pen and pad of paper)  I repair or replace and or discard things quickly to ensure I stay efficient.

7.       I am a decision maker.

8.       I do not procrastinate.

9.       Take time alone to think and document ideas no matter how wild they seem at first because goes back to # 3 I turn them into a goal and use # 1 and # 2 to watch for connections that may bring that wild idea to fruition.     

10.   I continuously seek to learn to be better and more efficient. 

I recently read an article about mentorship. It said persons should only agree to be a mentor if the other will reciprocate. As I formulated this blog I realized that I had discovered so much about her;
-She values learning. The question originated from a on line course she took on her own unpaid time.
-She is diverse in her learning. The course on productivity was not directly related to early years.
-She is confident as she invited me into her learning.
-She is open to learn from me.
-She is vulnerable as she shared openly her challenges to be productive.
-She is a teacher as she opened the possibility that I have more to give(teach) than heart thoughts, but also practical leadership tips.
-She is an insightful, intelligent leader.
I was grateful for the educator’s feedback & thanked her for giving me the “yield” to reflect on this.  One thing she and I agree on is that multitasking does not increase productivity.  Perhaps I can soften her stance on a Saturday morning with French toast, bacon & eggs.


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